Welcome to Kitakami

Sightseeing Spots

Check out three of Kitakami’s most recommended sightseeing spots and more!

Traditional Performing Arts

Kitakami’s traditional performing arts are not only Onikenbai but more!


From relaxing festivals dedicated to our blessed nature to highly energetic festivals of dance.

Local Products

See local products which all represent the city of Kitakami.


Find your favorite restaurant! Listed restaurants are recommended by foreigners.


Looking for a place to stay? Here we have information on lodging facilities in Kitakami.

Hot Springs (one day trip)

You absolutely have to experience Onsen (hot spring) while you’re in Kitakami. Check it out!

Tourist Information

Here we have tourist information around Kitakami station.

Transportation Guide

Check out how to access Kitakami by Shinkansen, local trains, airports and highways.


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